Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Quilting

SLD came over to play yesterday, and we got down to business! By the end of our sewing session we went from separate blocks to completed tops! Next step: borders, binding, batting, and backing.

Here SLD is laying out her blocks making sure that all the adjoining edges look good together.

Here I've laid out all my blocks. The next step is to sew the blocks into rows and then the rows to each other.

Sewing the blocks into rows...

Ta-da... SLD is DONE!

Snuggled up under our finished tops. They're not actually ready to be used, yet... but we wanted to give them a trial run to see how they looked.


  1. Wow ladies, I am super impressed! You all made great progress. C, did you wear a coordinating shirt on purpose??? :-) Every thing looks great and I can't wait to see the final products.

  2. LOOKS AWESOME! Now make me one ;)

  3. Great work, and I'm in awe of that beautiful old sewing machine!

    fern @

  4. Ok, you are no longer invited to go to the sewing class with are already a pro. I am quite impressed, but you had me a t a functioning bobbin :)

  5. omg so awesome! Can't wait to see them all done


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