Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Census 2010

Is it just me, or is it super cool that we get to participate in the U.S. Census this year? Not that the filling of the form is anything particularly special, it's just neat to know that years from now it will be on record that hubby and I lived at this address. I can't help it... sometimes I geek out over these kinds of ancestry things.


  1. Yeah, kind of nerdy, but I already filled mine out today too :-) I think it would be interesting to be part of some historical research 100 years from now. I just remember hearing about how this kind of thing, or historic business directories get used all the time in research. So, yeah it's neat we'll be on record forever. Who knows where we'll be in 10 years...and who else might be living with us :-)

  2. Ok, I was a bit excited too. I did chuckle at the, "Your Response is Required by Law"...watch out the Census Police is coming to get you!
    Oh, have you seen that show where the track the ancestry of famous people. I watched it on Friday and it was so moving.

  3. I didn't get mine yet :( I'm a big dork about it too. LOL

  4. I got a letter saying I'm going to receive the census packet. What a waste of paper. Just send the thing!


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