Monday, March 15, 2010

Pot Holder

So, I just churned out my first pot holder! Of course, you should take that phrase with a grain of salt... there were lots of bumps along the way. However, I'm proud of the final product, which I put together using random scraps I already had lying around. I can't wait to see how they'll turn out once I'm using all the fun fabrics and patterns out there. I have this idea of practicing different quilt-square patterns and then turning them into pot holders instead of committing myself to an entire quilt. It seems like a good way to get practice, too. So S... hurry up and take that beginning sewing course so that you can get on board the pot-holder train!


  1. Cool! That is a great idea...I see potholders as Christmas gifts for your entire family :)
    You are starting to intimidate me!

  2. ooh, i can't wait! i'm on spring break and wasting my life, so under the guise of getting some exercise i walked to cottonseed glory. i went to get that purple-ish fabric to bind my quilt and walked out with so much more. yikes! (i told myself i could make pot holders out of it all!) i did get some tips, free of charge, on how to do the binding for our quilts.


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