Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm so mad I could spit nails!

Yes, that's right... I actually said it.  That phrase that, for over 10 years, I've been making fun of my mother for using.  All this week I've been administering a language assessment to my students.  It's a really important test that will decide whether or not they are in ESOL again next year.  So naturally, I don't want any of them to pass it, and they ALL want to pass it!  I mean, if that pass that's good because it demonstrates that they learned something while in my class -- but if they all pass, I won't have any students left to teach next year.  But enough with the explanations.  The reason I am so furious is because I caught one of my students using his cell phone to look for an answer.  I'm positively sure that my face turned beet red.  I didn't even have words for that kid.  In fact, I just stared at him (he was completely unaware).  When I felt like I had enough control over myself to talk to him, I calmly asked him to sit in the next room.  He figured out what was going on when I announced to that teacher why I was kicking him out.  Ugh.  Stupid kids.


  1. breathe....he seems like the kind of kid you wouldn't want next yr. Just saying :) What a butt!!

  2. Miami, honey, you are SO right!

  3. ugh, is that bad enough to get suspended? either way, it stinks that the kid didn't have enough respect to study or at least try. I'm sure you've given them all the tools and knowledge to succeed.


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