Sunday, June 6, 2010

DC Improv - Aisha Tyler

B and I had a great time tonight at the DC Improv, thanks to E who gave these tickets to B as his birthday present. We went to see Aisha Tyler's show, Lit.

Greg Brown, a new-to-DC local started things off with some funny jokes, but you could tell that he needed to work on his stage presence. B actually caught him stealing a joke from the news... he said that he was typing recipes for the Washington Post and accidentally submitted a recipe calling for "freshly ground white people" (instead of pepper). Too bad that story (though admittedly about "Black" pepper) was already in the news. Oops!

This guy was followed by Aisha's opening act: Ali Mafi. He was HILARIOUS and so politically incorrect. That's probably why he was such a hit. Of course, neither B nor I can remember any of his jokes now. All I can remember is that he was harassing this tall, buff, Black guy in the front row. All that Ali Mafi wanted to do was take this guy Rico back to his hotel room with him. Yikes!
PS: Yes, the guy in the front row was really named Rico.

Finally, Aisha took the stage and kept the energy up in the room. I think the part where I really laughed the most was when she started describing how being an adult sucks because there are so many responsibilities. According to her, bills were pro-creating in her mailbox and new bills were popping up everywhere. That led into her jokes about everyone falling apart at age 30. She joked about waking up in the morning with bruises on her legs that she didn't even know where they'd come from. Oh, that and putting in her retainer and going to bed early. That is all so me (so sad). I'm old before my time... I'm not even 30 yet!

Good times :)

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  1. Glad she was funny and hey that guy was only being love a man who recycles.


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