Monday, June 28, 2010

First Day of School Woes

Today was my first day of summer school. Not unlike the kids, we teachers want to make a good impression on our first day of school. It's important to look nice, and have the kids decide to themselves that, yes, they like you and yes, they can respect you.

This is where my "first day woe" comes into play. After the orientation assembly in the auditorium was over, each teacher had to escort their students back to their classroom. This annoying kid -- the kind that catches your attention with their annoyingness within the first 10 minutes -- was walking much too close behind me. He was all up in my space, and as a result, he stepped on the back of my sandal. As I'm turning around to say something witty to him (like, walk on your own shoes, please!) I realize that something is wrong. By stepping on the back of my shoe, he literally RIPPED the sole off of it! Yes ladies, my two-inch heel was lying prostrate back at the scene of the crime.  The rest of the shoe, meanwhile, was still attached to my foot. There was no saving it.

So you see, the thing is, it's hard to garner that sort of instant respect I was referring to when you spend your whole first day hobbling around as if you're walking with one foot on the sidewalk and one foot on the street. Thanks kid.

You can see the normal shoe, with its two-inch heel to the right of the busted one.

Well, if you were ever curious about what the sole of your sandals looks like, take a gander!


  1. Let's have a moment of silence for C's sandal...poor, poor shoe and poor limping teacher!

  2. oooooooooooooh noooooooooooos.

    That stinks. Can you fix them now that you are at home? I bet that kid gets the evil eye all summer! And deserves it!

    Hope tomorrow is better :-)

  3. Ugh.. they were cute too!

    You might want to keep an extra pair in your car just in case!


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