Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Score one for wifey!

(Nevermind the fact that tonight we skipped dinner because neither one of us had the energy to make anything) Focus on yesterday's dinner! Yesterday I made one of Bruno's favorite side-dishes: black beans and rice. I always follow his mother's recipe for this, but something magical must have happened yesterday because he took one look at it and was already complimenting it! The best part came after he tasted it and exclaimed that it tasted just like "home." SUCCESS!


  1. Way to go!!!! It sounds great, we make a black beans and rice recipe...but it's off the can of beans :-)

    I'm pretty proud that my hubby likes my meatballs better than his moms!

  2. That is a big compliment! Glad the magic happened and B is a pleased hubby. I guess all of the


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