Monday, June 21, 2010


Do you think that men walk around trying to be perfect each day, or is this a burden that only women bear? What puts this pressure on us...

is it society?



  1. ugh, who knows. I wear makeup b/c it 'makes me look better' but I swear I can't go through a day w/o getting mascara smudges under my eyes by lunch bother?

    maybe I just need a better mascara :-)

    I think guys care about how they look too, just not in the same way we do. My guy can be self conscious about his outfit or appearance. But he's also good about not caring what other people think a lot of the time. Guess we have to get better at that?

  2. You are right we are all trying to be awesome. Perfect is quite lofty so I just try to live my best life (ala Oprah) and hopefully the rest will fall into place.


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