Monday, June 14, 2010

One day...

One day, I dream of having the luxury to hang-out with friends whenever I want. You know, they'll be free to just drop everything and come on over. And we'll sew, or gossip, or scrap, or watch True Blood. All that good stuff! No one will have to worry about being at work, because everyday will be a "mental health day." And we'll all have enough money to kick back and take it easy, no worries. Yeah, that's what I'm dreaming of...


  1. I have the same dream, sister!

    I want to live in the same neighborhood with my friends and sisters and just show up at their house with my coffee mug in my bathrobe.

  2. Let me know when it happens, I'll come right on over ;)

    BTW, we so need a pool date!

  3. Seriously, lets start looking at houses now, we can find the income source later. I miss the college days when you really could see almost all of your friends by taking a short walk.

  4. here is your Michael Jackson song moment of the hour...."You Are Not Alone, I am Here with You"- tee, hee

  5. I'm pretty sure that world exists... it's about 30 years in our future, and it's called retirement! We just all have to start planning to move to Florida TOGETHER when the time rolls around :) Alternately, one of us can hit it rich and invite everyone else to live in a sewing, crafting, movie-watching, pool-swimming, video-game-playing commune. Right? :)


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