Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lookie lookie, I'm quilting!

Today S (of Cobble, Cobble) came over to show me the secrets of "quilting." I'm using this as a technical term now, and not as the generic term we usually think of. Quilting is the part of the process where you actually sew together the three layers of the blanket: the top, the middle batting (aka: stuffing), and the bottom. Now this part requires a fancy-schmancy presser foot as well as some serious safety-pinning skills! Lucky for me, S had both. This is a slow process since my sewing machine directions explicitly warned me not to sew any faster than a slow-medium pace. Bummer! I even tried to go a bit faster (you know me, always pushing the limits) and everything immediately gummed up. And I had to use my seam ripper (dammit). So like I said, it's a slow process. But when I'm done... I'll be so close to being done!  Here are some updated photos of my quilting...

Here's two of the three layers stretched out onto my table in preparation for pinning. Too bad I don't have hardwood floors or I could've much more easily just stretched it out on the floor (hint hint!)

Spotlight on pinning. It's important to do a good job of "basting" the three layers together so that no wrinkles show up in the finished product.

Here's my mamba-jamba "walking foot." It reminds me of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or a snail. Needless to say, this baby is what makes it all possible!

The quilting process is literally taking over my machine. Hang in there Mikey, you're doing good!


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product. You're brave to take that project on.

  2. Looking good. What kind of quilting pattern are you going for, free hand? w/ the squares...???

  3. Wonderful progress! I am in awe of your work today. I can't wait until it is all finished. I can say I knew you when :)


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